FAQ: What if my camper is a picky eater?

A: Here at Camp Weaver, we are especially kid-focused when our camp chef plans the menu for the summer camp season. While each menu is planned specifically to include fresh, healthy ingredients that are kid friendly, we recognize that some campers can be a bit more picky and reserved when it comes to food options. Our staff are trained specifically to help recognize campers’ eating habits, and help assist them in finding an alternative meal. To assist with serving campers with a wide variety of eating restrictions and preferences, each meal at camp will always have an equivalent vegetarian and gluten free option, as well as a delicious soy butter and jelly sandwiches. If campers still aren’t comfortable with those options, our camp chef is happy to assist them with picking out something that they enjoy. It is our strong suggestion to note any dietary restrictions and preferences on your camper’s health form AND their Camper Information form. While we are always prepared to assist campers in finding an alternative food option, it’s always easier when these needs are communicated well in advance so that we can best prepare!


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