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Weaver Outdoor School


The school year will look different this year, and we want to ensure that children have access to all of the opportunities they need to learn, grow and thrive.

Looking for a place to keep your child active and continue learning this fall?

Weaver Outdoor School is the place for you!


The program will include time for school work with staff assistance, along with archery, animal adaptations, canoeing, aquatic  habitats, climbing mapped exploration and more! 

Ages: Rising Kindergarten Through 8th

Cost per Weekly Session: $200/YMCA Members  $230/Non-Members

Bus Transportation will not be available after Session 10.

Hours: 7:30am-6:00 pm Monday thru Friday*

*With the exception of Labor Day

Campers are recommended to bring their own electronic device, or request one from their school.

Registration is available through your online CampInTouch portal, 2020 season.

Session Dates

Hours: 7:30am-6:00 pm Monday thru Friday*



Session 1: August 17 – 21

Member $200/ Non-Member $230

Session 2: August 24 – 28

Member $200/ Non-Member $230

Session 3: August 31 – September 4

Member $200/ Non-Member $230

Session 4: September 8-11 (T-F; Labor Day)

Member $200/ Non-Member $230

Session 5: September 14-18

Member $200/ Non-Member $230

Session 6: September 21-25

Member $200/ Non-Member $230

Session 7: September 28-October 2

Member $200/ Non-Member $230

Session 8: October 5-9

Member $200/ Non-Member $230

Session 9: October 12-16

Member $200/ Non-Member $230

Session 10:  October 19-23

Member $200/ Non-Member $230


Session 11:  October 26-30

Member $200/ Non-Member $230

Call for Availability

Weaver Outdoor School Frequently Asked Questions:


Can my child be enrolled in Weaver Outdoor School and follow the curriculum there? Camper must be enrolled in traditional/virtual school. Either one is fine, we are supplementing the curriculum provided by the school they are enrolled in.   

How many children will be in a group? There will be small groups of 10 or less 

What about electronic devices? Campers are encouraged to bring their own device or request them from their school. Campers are welcome to bring the devices’ power cord and leave the electronic at camp overnight, they will be locked in our media room.