Splash into Summer Camp at the Y

May 9, 2022 | Y Stories

Experiencing one of our YMCA camps can be very beneficial and impactful in a kid’s life. Our campers are able to spend time surrounded by new friends and fun stimulating activities while making the best memories. Whether it is at one of the YMCA branches or at our overnight camp, the YMCA of Greensboro wants to ensure your kids have the best summer ever!

Chantice is a single mom who saw her son grow in confidence throughout summer last year while attending our YMCA Camp Weaver summer camp. “My son has learned a lot, he also has come out of his shell, and he’s made a lot of friends,” said Chantice. “I was very thankful for the financial assistance because my son was able to attend the program. I am a single parent and I want him to do things I never could do growing up, due to not having the funds.”

Bray, Chantice’s son, became really active and engaged in every summer camp activity. His strong will and determination helped him improve quickly in many camp activities but he has especially improved his swimming skills. On the first day of camp, all campers are given a swim evaluation. Each camper earns a colored wristband to signify their swimming ability (Green, Yellow, or Red). Bray was a “red band” when he first started attending summer camp, meaning the camper must be supervised while swimming. Bray quickly improved to becoming a “yellow band” indicating that he could swim comfortably at least one length of the pool without a person or flotation device. Bray can now swim up to 50 yards in the pool, making himself and his mom very proud. “I may have a Micheal Phelps in training on my hands. Thanks again for all that you do,” said Chantice proudly.

Our Y camps are not only the perfect opportunity to practice sports and engage kids in physical activity, it’s a time for the little ones to have tons of fun in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment. YMCA camps feature activities such as field trips, art projects, STEM games, sports, cooking, and swimming, allowing them to discover new passions and abilities. Discover all of our summer camps offers and important dates and find your adventure at YMCA Camp Weaver.

We want every kid to have the same growth and life-changing experience that summer camp can bring regardless of their ability to pay. Just like Chantice and her son, Bray, many kids have the opportunity to find their passion and make long-lasting memories every year thanks to our financial assistance program. It is because of our donor’s generosity that a kid like Bray could become the next Micheal Phelps, find their new passion, and get to know long-lasting friends this summer.

Register your kids for this year’s summer camp and be prepared to see the smile on their faces as they find their adventure and experience their best summer ever!

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