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Frequently Asked Questions

More information is available on our Parent Packets Found on your online account, forms and documents page. 



Is my camper the correct age for camp?

Day Camp is open to rising 1st through 9th graders. Overnight Camp is open to rising 2nd through 10th graders. We also offer leadership programs (LIT and CIT) for rising 10th and 11th graders.

Can children bring a cell phone to camp?

We don’t allow cell phones at camp. It is our belief that cell phones isolate the campers from developing positive relationships at camp and are a distraction from their camp experience.

Who do I inform about my child’s food allergies?

Please detail your child’s allergies on the camper medical form as well as their Camper Profile form. Our food service director, Ray Jackson, is always happy to talk with parents directly about food allergies.

What happens if my child gets homesick?

It is very normal for a child to experience homesickness. Our staff use a step by step process to work with campers who are missing home. The majority of campers have no issues after the first night but if your child continues to have difficulty, we will contact you for guidance.

Can I send mail and/or care packages?

Camp mail is always welcome. Please make sure you write the cabin name on the letter. If you would like to send a care package, we ask that you send enough for your camper to share it with the cabin. Please only include healthy snacks and no nuts. We are a nut free campus.

What are stayover weekends?

Stayover weekends are a bridge between sessions if you child would like to stay 2 weeks or more. They are not stand alone sessions. Please see our schedule for information about the stay over trip locations.

What are clinic activities?

Overnight campers sign up for 3 clinic activities in advance of their camp session. These activities all have a skill building and educational focus. Campers participate in 3 clinic activities each morning for the entire week.

What are free-choice activities?

Each night, Overnight campers sign up for 2 free-choice activities for the following day. Unlike the clinic activities, these are meant for campers to give campers a chance to try an activity without committing to a full week of it. This is also the time of day where campers can elect to swim at the lake or pool.

What is the staff to camper ratio?

Average staff to camper ratio is 1:4.

Who do I contact about special medical information and medications?

Please include all information on the camper health history form on your CampInTouch account. You can call our office and talk to one of our directors at any time regarding medical information/medications. Our registered nurse will be available on Sunday at the check if you prefer a face-to-face conversation.

Can I request a cabin mate request?

Cabin mate requests must be within 2 grade levels and are limited to 2 requests per camper.

Can I request a day camp tribe mate request?

Please enter your tribe mate request on our camper application under cabin mate request

What do the themes mean?

Overnight camp uses themes as a basis for evening programs. Day camp themes are used to distinguish weeks and have little impact on programming, please select sessions that work with your schedule.

Will my child have to take a swim evaluation?

All campers will take a swim test and are given a band that indicates their swimming ability. Green – all access. Yellow – Restricted to shallow end of pool. Red – Restricted to non swimmer areas of pool and lake. Please see our swim test policy in the parent packet.









When are camp fees due?

Camp fees are due 3 weeks BEFORE the start of the session. Most parents use their online CAMPINTOUCH account to make a payment, you can also set up a payment plan.