Let’s Grow Camp Capital Campaign

With facilities overpopulated for current capacity and continued demand, this is the right time to make this incredible project a reality. The driving force behind this expansion is mission focused on our belief that every child who wants a camp experience should have the opportunity.

YMCA camps are the highest impact youth programs in the national Y system due to their focus on the healthy development of young people in 3 core areas; achievement, belonging, and relationships.


Planned Improvements

The following improvements are planned to take place over the next several years:

Sewer Line

Currently we manage our own waste which limits the camp’s capacity. After completing this project Camp Weaver can increase capacity, reduce monthly costs and reduce maintenance work hours. In Progress

Dining Hall Extension

Building an extension on to the Herman Hall that will result in increasing camp capacity and increasing conference capacity. In Progress


Teen Village

Adding new cabins in a different location at camp to increase capacity by 144 overnight campers and provide additional rental group space. Currently secured funding for 2 new cabins, increasing capacity by 48. In Progress


Leadership Lodge

We plan on creating a building dedicated to our Leader in Training and Counselor in Training programs. We plan on building a center that houses 24 campers, 4 staff, a large communal learning area, kitchen and bathrooms. This building will also present new rental opportunities in our off-season for conferences and retreats.

Update Infirmary

Essential renovation as capacity increases. Adds additional living space for camp nurse as well as improved treatment space.


Camp Store

Essential construction as capacity increases. Will increase storage space for store items as well as increased storage space for lost and found items.


Day Camp Infrastructure

We plan to create purpose built spaces for Day Campers such as fire circles, shelters and activity areas.

We have fundraised enough money to begin work on the sewer line, dining hall and an additional cabins. The sewer line and dining hall are seen as ‘essential’ improvements that must be made before significant increases in capacity. Once construction has begun on these projects, we will evaluate a new timeline for the other buildings based on future fundraising and the immediate needs of the camp.
Parent Child Spring Weekend YMCA camp weaver
Although we have started three of our projects, we need additional support to continue to expand and provide additional services and programs to our community through our other pending projects. We value and honor any support that is raised for YMCA Camp Weaver and we believe that the expansion of camp is how we can put our supporters’ resources to best use. Please consider donating to the YMCA Camp Weaver Let’s Grow Camp Capital Campaign.

“Camp Weaver is a unique opportunity to invest in a project that leaves you feeling good at the end of the day because you know you’ve had a positive impact on these kid’s lives. They are our customers, and they come first. We want to get all the children here, as diverse a group as possible. And we want them to have the same unforgettable, life-changing, happy experience that my father had as a young boy at Camp Herman.”

Mike Weaver
Honorary Co-Chair and son of the Camp W. Herman Weaver’s namesake.