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Let’s Grow Camp

Growing Camp Weaver

With facilities overpopulated for current capacity and continued demand, this is the right time to make this incredible project a reality. The driving force behind this expansion is mission focused on our belief that every child who wants a camp experience should have the opportunity. YMCA camps are the highest impact youth programs in the national Y system due to their focus on the healthy development of young people in 3 core areas; achievement, belonging, and relationships.

“Camp Weaver is a unique opportunity to invest in a project that leaves you feeling good at the end of the day because you know you’ve had a positive impact on these kid’s lives. They are our customers, and they come first. We want to get all the children here, as diverse a group as possible. And we want them to have the same unforgettable, life-changing, happy experience that my father had as a young boy at Camp Herman.”
Mike Weaver, Honorary Co-Chair and son of the Camp W. Herman Weaver’s namesake.


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Camp Corral

Growing Camp Weaver means growing Camp Corral.  The entire session of overnight camp this week is dedicated to military kids who have
a parent that has been wounded in action or fallen while serving in the military. The vision behind Camp Corral is one where kids, ages 8 to 15, are free to be kids, far away from the day-to-day challenges they face as children of military service members and veterans. Campers have the priceless opportunity to connect with other kids who understand the unique challenges that come with military life. The top-quality programming at Camp Weaver teaches the skills needed to build emotional resilience. The positive effects may follow a child for a lifetime.

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Camp Hope

Growing Camp Weaver means growing Camp Hope. Camp Hope’s vision is to break the generational outcomes of domestic violence through team building, values-based programming, and high adventure, challenge-by-choice activities. This camp is a national evidenced-based camping and mentoring program for children impacted by violence and abuse. Approximately 50 youth participate in the six-day, five-night sleepover camp. The Family Justice Center and Camp Weaver plan to significantly grow the attendance in the future.

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Camp Challenge

Growing Camp Weaver means growing Camp Challenge. YMCA Camp Weaver has partnered with the NC Bankers Association since 2014 to provide a one of a kind financial literacy overnight camp for children throughout the state of NC. This one week-long summer camp experience is focused on high-achieving, low-resource students from across North Carolina. Each year, hundreds of students attend Camp Challenge at no cost to their families. Campers entering sixith, seventh or eighth grades, participate in financial literacy classes on a daily basis as well as choosing from all the great activities Camp Weaver has to offer.

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